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At Wealth Habits you are at the center of everything we do. Our mission is to help you achieve your investment goals. We serve a diverse range of clients – individuals, families, and organizations – who rely on us to help them understand markets, deliver innovative investment solutions and plan for their future.

Value & Benefits of Wealth Habits

Individualized Allocation

When done properly, an investor’s allocation of assets will reflect his desired goals, priorities, investment preferences and his tolerance for risk. 

Access to a Real Person

We believe in the human element. When our clients want to talk to a real human being, we’re available.


We maintain standardized investing processes that reduce bias in our investment decisions. 

Global Tax Harvesting

We look at our investments holistically and are able to reduce your taxes cross-platforms, even if the account isn’t with us.

Systematic Investing

A disciplined process underlies everything we do. Our investment process, built over 10 years, is based on research and experience framed in a continuous process of design, testing, refining, and repetition.


We are a fee-only fiduciary advisor. My clients’ interests ALWAYS come first. We do not sell products for commission, and our dedication to you is about giving you the best advice possible.

Getting Started is Easy

30 Min Conversation

Complete a Questionnaire


Our initial consultation process is specifically designed to determine if we can help.

Investment Platform

We manage client investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. This means that we are actively engaged in the investment markets on behalf of our clients. We operate within the parameters of a client’s risk constraints, time horizons, cash flow needs, and long-term goals. Our daily involvement in the capital markets provides us with real-time information on changing trends and opportunities. We don’t simply delegate investment responsibilities or manage a relationship. We are integrally involved in clients’ investment outcomes, viewing ourselves as partners in their success.

It is only in less-efficient markets that hard work and skill are likely to produce superior returns. Bargains are purchased without reliance on guesses about the market’s future direction.

A superior record is best built on a high batting average rather than great successes that outweigh dismal failures. Avoid the losers and the winners will take care of themselves.

As a nimble investment manager, our decisions are driven solely by client goals, rather than investor activity and trends. Our small size allows us to make big moves without affecting the market.

Discretionary Investment Management allows you to delegate the management of your portfolio to Wealth Habits who will make buy and sell decisions on your behalf. We operate within the parameters of a client’s risk constraints, time horizons, cash flow needs, and long-term goals.

Investment Process

Introductory Call

Learn about your personal situation, explain our services, and disclose fully how we will be paid

Introductory Call

Discovery Meeting

Learn some background information about your past experiences with money and get a big picture view of what you hope to accomplish moving forward

Discovery Meeting

Document Gathering and Data Integration

Gather all the necessary documents and critical information, integrate data with various platforms,  and calendarize future meetings

Document Gathering and Data Integration

Investment Policy Statement

An investment policy statement (IPS) is drafted, outlining the general client investment goals and objectives as well as strategies to meet these objectives.

Investment Policy Statement


Individual investments are selected based on the parameters of the asset allocation strategy.


Investment Management

After implementation, the management process begins. This includes monitoring the investments and measuring the portfolio’s performance relative to expectations.

Investment Management


The portfolio review then determines if the allocation is still on target to track the investor’s risk-reward profile. If it is not, then the portfolio can be rebalanced, selling investments that have reached their targets, and buying investments that offer greater upside potential.


Year-End Meeting

As the client’s situation changes so will the portfolio. At year-end we review the goals, risk-reward profiles and asset allocations.
Year-End Meeting

Asset Management Pricing

Asset Management Fees

Independent & Low Cost
% 0.75
Annualized Asset‐Based Fee
(Additional Break-Points Available)
  • Goal-Driven Asset Allocation
  • True Global Diversification
  • Independent Thinking
  • Research Driven
  • Tax Intelligent Portfolios
  • Time-Tested Strategies
  • Education and Guidance
  • Value-Based Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I signed the fiduciary oath (click to see it):

  • Put the client’s best interests first
  • Act with prudence; that is, with skill, care diligence and good judgment of a professional
  • Do not mislead clients; provide conspicuous, full and fair disclosure of all important facts
  • Avoid conflicts of interest; and fully disclose and fairly manage, in the client’s favor, unavoidable conflicts.

How to tell if your financial advisor looks out for you? Ask him/her to sign this document!

No. The pricing listed above includes all fees taken out of your account by Wealth Habits as your Investment Advisor. ETF fees (if you are invested in ETFs) are taken out at the fund level, not out of your account. This means that we buy the ETF on the exchange with the fee already factored into the price. If your account holds stocks exclusively, there are no additional expense ratios paid. Please see our Form ADV Part II if you have any additional questions about third-party product fees.

It is only Wealth Habits’ investment advisory fee. Any fees by the broker will be charged separately. Please see our Form ADV Part II for more information.

A pro-rated amount of Wealth Habits’ yearly fee is taken directly out of your account by the custodian each billing period. You will have a choice in selecting the billing period but we prefer monthly. We do not allow clients to pre-pay fees.

Assume an account with an average monthly balance of $300K and is NOT a subscriber to our financial planning services. Assume also that we agree to a fee schedule of:

  • First $300,000 at 1.00%
  • Over $300,000 at 0.75%

Then, the monthly advisory fee will be $98.96. Assuming 21 trading days that particular month and 252 trading days in the year, the math is as follows: ($250,000) * 1% * (21/252) + ($300,000 – $250,000) * 0.75% * (21/252) = $239.58

Getting Started is Easy

Investment Strategy

We employ a “core and satellite” approach to portfolio construction that blends both growth and risk-reduction characteristics. Evaluating the tradeoff between cost, liquidity and investment flexibility helps to determine what we believe is the optimal investment mix.

To build a strong portfolio foundation, we invest in diversified index funds such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs). A strong foundation is built for the long term and diversified enough to withstand whatever comes next. Investing in only ETFs may also diversify away from the benefit of companies or sectors that outperform.

Core-Satellite investing blends these approaches.

How does it work?

  1. The majority of the portfolio can be invested in a core of index funds.
  2. The remaining satellite portfolio is invested in high conviction investments.

The core achieves the goals of:

  • Reducing volatility across your total portfolio by spreading your risk
  • Reducing the ongoing costs of your portfolio
  • Reducing the impact of capital gains tax on your portfolio

The satellite achieves the goal of:

  • Capitalizing on business and consumer trends
  • Investing in more aggressive assets without risking your entire portfolio

Core Allocation Investment Strategies

Wealth Habits Allocation Strategies

The strategy seeks to provide capital preservation and current income while maintaining liquidity. The Preservation strategy seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing in a diversified portfolio of fixed income ETFs / Mutual Funds comprised of government, corporate, and fixed income securities including mortgage and asset-backed securities.

Flexible Income’s investment objective is to provide current income. The strategy seeks to achieve its investment objective by actively allocating assets across multiple income producing asset classes and strategies.

The strategy seeks total return consistent with a slightly lower level of risk relative to the broad stock market. The strategy’s investment objective is capital appreciation along with some current income.

The strategy seeks total return consistent with the broad stock market. The strategy’s investment objective long-term capital appreciation. This long-term strategy seeking to build wealth and manage volatility through comprehensive diversification. The fund seeks ownership of large value-priced companies the team believes are poised to benefit from positive business developments.

Satellite Investment Strategies

Our Income Growth strategy pursues attractive total returns with an above-average level of income by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies with strong and growing free cash flow. Companies in the portfolio possess operating models and managements that focus on giving back capital through cash dividends, share repurchases and debt reduction — the key components of shareholder yield. The portfolio generally holds between 35 and 50 stocks, with risk controls to minimize volatility.

Our Global Focused strategy pursues long-term capital appreciation by investing in a concentrated portfolio of global businesses we believe have superior risk-reward profiles. Our top-down / bottom-up security selection and risk management process leads to a portfolio of 25-45 stocks. The portfolio reflects the highest-conviction ideas appropriate for a concentrated portfolio.

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