Gabriel Kaplan

Gabriel Kaplan is a fee-only financial planner. Wealth Habits provides integrated financial planning to help clients organize, grow and protect their assets through life’s transitions. As a fee-only, fiduciary, and independent financial advisor, Gabriel Kaplan is never paid a commission of any kind, and has a legal obligation to provide unbiased and trustworthy financial advice.

Budgeting Basics

If you’ve ever logged onto your bank account and found a shockingly low number awaiting you. The signs that you may need to rethink your spending may be obvious. Building and maintaining a budget is the key to attuning your finances to your goals.

4 Money Conversations To Have With Your Kids

Communication is one of the most important tools in any relationship. Whether it be your spouse, children, friends, or coworkers, good communication can go a long way to establishing trust, honesty, and openness, strengthening your relationships.  But communication isn’t always easy, especially where finances are concerned. So many people are uncomfortable talking about money with …

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