Buying a Car

Owning a car can be a significant expense that eats into your bank account each month. Aside from the upfront purchase, you also have to worry about long-term expenses associated with maintenance, gasoline, and insurance coverage. Worry not – there are many strategies you can adopt to minimize costs. Below, we discuss the best time to buy a car, money-saving features, and more. With these tips and tricks, you can avoid paying too much, while staying on the road with a car that meets your needs.

Managing Debt

Debt can be sneaky. Balances on loans and credit cards that accrue interest can force you to pay more than you anticipated, eat away at your monthly cash flow, and make it difficult to save for the future. And since debt lowers your total net worth, it can make achieving big-picture goals, like buying a house or car, more difficult. However, debt is practically inevitable in today’s financial landscape.

How to Raise Your Credit Score

Credit score is a central component to personal financial success. Having a clean credit report and high credit score opens the door to plenty of opportunities like qualifying for great rates on credit cards, better rental housing options, lower interest mortgages, insurance discounts, and more. If you lack strong credit right now, it’s possible to improve. It takes consistency and financial prudence, but the sooner you start addressing problems with your credit, the better you’ll position yourself for the future.

Credit Card Basics

Credit cards are quite a controversial topic. Millions of consumers use credit cards for most of their purchases, yet critics claim they encourage overspending and lead to vicious debt cycles. The key to using credit cards to understand how they work. To that end, the guide below teaches you the basics of credit cards and what to avoid.

Best Banking Practices

Banking isn’t easy. You have thousands of institutions from which you can choose. Getting the most out of your banking can take some work. Follow these best practices to keep your money safe and make banking an easier experience.

Planning a Wedding

It’s no secret that getting married can be pretty expensive. Tying the knot shouldn’t have your stomach in knots, especially when it comes to having a wedding you’ll never forget at a price you can live with. With these cost-saving options, you can get hitched without breaking the bank.

Building an Emergency Fund

Many Americans go into debt as a result of unexpected expenses each year. Enter: the emergency fund, the hidden hero of your financial plan. An emergency fund is your financial safety net, a supply of funds saved to protect you from debt in the face of an unexpected financial crisis. By starting an emergency fund, you can take important steps to prepare for the financial burdens that come your way when you least expect them.

Grocery Bill Hacks

We may think that we need to make a choice about whether to eat healthy or to eat cheap, but saving money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. If you’re smart about your weekly trip to the supermarket you can eat healthy, high-quality food, while keeping extra cash in your pocket. Follow these grocery bill hacks to get what you need without breaking the bank.

Financial Guide for New Parents

Parenthood is one of life’s most exciting and rewarding endeavors. But it’s also a difficult – perhaps even overwhelming – undertaking. Caring for and raising a newborn human being into a healthy adult is a physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially daunting task. While you may be prepared for the physical, mental, and emotional responsibilities of parenthood, many new parents struggle to prepare their finances.

Saving Money on Travel

The big vacation you’ve been dreaming of taking is finally in the works. Chances are you’ve diligently saved money for your trip and have set a budget for how much you want to spend. Though you might be worried that the words “budget” and “fun” don’t necessarily go hand in hand, limiting your spending doesn’t need to ruin your vacation. In fact, there are a range of ways to save money on everything from transportation to dining and entertainment. Here are some ideas to consider before your next trip to minimize your spending while maximizing your fun.