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Our retirement planning services are best designed for people who:

People looking to place trust in competent professionals – ‍because retirement is too important.
Diligent savers with investments over $500k. (excluding real estate)
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increasing retirement success and lowering taxes.

3-Step Process


Schedule an Intro Call (30 min)

A 30-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise.


Discovery Session

A 60-min session (in-person or virtual). During the explore session we clarify your retirement goals, needs and concerns. 


Plan Presentation

A 60-min meeting to review our findings and recommendations. We’ll share our Wealth Habits Core Plan™ so that you have a full picture of how we serve our clients.

Think About It

Upon completion of this process, we will simply ask you to think about working with us. We are looking for long-term relationships, not a quick project. We will gladly help you find another professional with the right expertise if we aren’t the right fit. There is never a hard-sell or pressure to say “yes.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In fact, people seek us out from many states because of our expertise in retirement income, tax planning, and stock compensation. We work primarily with people from large metropolitan areas.

As a fee-only retirement & tax planning firm, we do not charge commissions. Our fees are transparent and based on your needs and complexity.

Financial advisors who are paid on commission may hide fees or create conflicts of interest. Wealth Habits is different.

Investment management, retirement planning, and tax planning are all included in one transparent fee. The goal of our services is to help you lower your taxes, make smarter investments, and create a reliable retirement income.

Scheduling your first phone call with us and going through our Free Wealth Habits Core Plan™ process will help you make an informed decision about working with our firm and others you may be considering.

There are four really important things that set us apart from other firms:

1. We focus on retirement planning, tax planning, stock compensation.  We are specialists with a simple goal of making sure we can optimize your financial outcome.
2. We limit the number of new clients we serve in order to continually provide value to you and be very personal in our service.
3. We believe in working hard to simplify our clients lives.
4. We use industry leading technology to make retirement easy for you. 

We do our best to work with people over the long-term.  This involves many questions and conversations that will arise over time. We’re not currently set up to facilitate a one-time project option except for:

(1) Stock compensation tax planning
(2) Investment Review

We view financial planning as a series of small sprints occurring over several years.

Great question! But first, let us explain why you shouldn’t hire us.

If you’re looking for an advisor who will trade stocks to “beat the market,” you’re in the wrong place. Why? Because we only focus on what you can control. Timing the stock market, or guessing what interest rates will do next, are not things you can control.

But if you’re interested in things like lowering your tax bill, investing smarter, and creating a reliable income stream in retirement, you’re in the right place.

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Our advisors are happy to help you plan your future, share more knowledge, and answer any questions.
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