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Because no single advisor could possibly know it all, we rely on our team of experienced specialists. It’s this level of attention to detail that most other organizations don’t have the bandwidth or scale to provide. If you have questions about stock compensation and it impacts your financial well-being, our organization can refer you to someone who has an individual specializing in that field.

Growing Team: We are a growing team of CPAs and CFP®s

Gabriel Kaplan, CPA CFP® #

👋 Tax Planner Specialist — 📝 gabriel@wealthhabits.com

Stock Compensation Nerd

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If you made it here, then feel free to book a meeting with me. I would love to get to know you and help out in any way.

Biography #

Gabriel Kaplan is the founder of Wealth Habits, a firm devoted to solving complex equity and stock compensation issues for its clients.

  • Fee-only financial planner and fiduciary
  • Believes that ongoing communication is critical to success
  • Proactive in sharing planning opportunities as they arise
  • Believes in an evidence-based approach to investing and retirement planning
  • He loves working with great people who appreciate the value of our services
  • Committed to living our lives from a place of joy and kindness and are committed to long-lasting, healthy relationships with each of our clients.

His firm provides investment advice, portfolio reviews, and financial planning opportunities to help individuals and business owners organize, grow and protect their assets through life’s transitions. As a CPA and former Tax Advisor for a big accounting firm, he can guide you through the complexities of tax planning, especially around stock options and small business owner issues.

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