Education Planning

Helping you set goals to help accomplish this dream

In educational planning, you develop a strategy to meet your family’s educational needs. This includes forecasting your needs and creating a plan to meet them. At Wealth Habits, we consider the factors needed to meet the capital requirements, and whether your family qualifies for financial aid.

Our goal is to help you plan accordingly so that you are ready for the next stage of your child’s or grandchild’s educational journey. The power of compounding over time can help reduce the initial funding requirements by saving early.

Maximize your education

College Planning

In today’s world, saving for college can be a daunting task due to the rising cost of education. With so many unknown factors, it may seem difficult for you to plan for the future when your children are young.

In the case of older children, you may be concerned about how to deal with such a steep price tag just a few years away.

Whatever your college planning goals are, the following strategies can help you to find ways to help your children pay for their education.

How do you evaluate your college planning options?

How much college can you afford?
How do I optimize the FAFSA?
How do I optimize my college savings?
How do you plan to transform your nest egg into income?

College is a highly anticipated time in many people’s lives. It’s a transition period pursue your goals and dreams uninterrupted. It’s your time to focus on the things you want when you want.

Forecasting your education needs

Education Planning Process

As a parent, planning for your children’s education is one of your most significant goals. Additionally, a college education is likely to rank just below your house in terms of big-ticket items in your lifetime. This is why it’s critical to plan for college expenses, just as you would for retirement or a house purchase.


Understand Your Educational Goals For The Family

Listen first and then help you crystallize your financial goals.


Develop a road map that meets those educational goals

Develop a road map that meets those educational goals, taking into account all aspects of your financial life.


determine a saving AND investment strategy

With so many savings options, how do you best choose the right account for your child or grandchild’s education? We can help you with this…


implement and monitor strategy

In order to ensure the goal is met, we monitor your progress throughout the process.

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