Retirement Planning

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Our retirement planning services help you reach your goals without the risk of running out of money. Our goal is to give you confidence and clarity so you can spend time doing what matters most to you.

Objective Investment Solutions

Do you have enough saved to generate the income needed for the lifestyle I want in retirement?

That’s the primary question for most people and one we help answer. We work with you today to make sure you’re contributing enough to comfortably meet your retirement needs, taking into account any executive compensation plans.

Then when the time comes, we’ll help you select and execute the best funding strategy for your goals.

Cohesive retirement planning

Improving and tracking the success rate of your plan
Turning your retirement savings into a reliable paycheck
Developing a cohesive investment strategy to reduce risk and improve returns
Aligning all the moving parts of your financial life to create a successful retirement
Ongoing tax planning to reduce your tax bill

Navigating toward your financial security.

Disciplined Retirement Planning Process

A retirement plan is a living and breathing document. We use an advanced financial planning software to build your plan, track its success rate, adjust for life’s unknowns, and communicate the results with you in plain English.


Set your retirement goals

Arrange your goals into short, medium and long-term goals.  Assign a dollar amount to each where appropriate.


Assess your current financial position

To help you achieve your retirement goals, you need to take stock of where you are today. A net worth statement will identify all of the assets from which retirement income may be derived. 


Identify retirement income sources

Retirement income may come from a variety of sources and the percentage of each may change over time. These sources may include a pension, Social Security, IRA accounts and other savings, and even part-time work.


Evaluate retirement risks

You must consider the risks that affect your retirement income.  Inflation will erode the purchasing power of your income over time. The various investment markets may occasionally falter. You may well live to be 100 years old. All of these risks need to be taken into account.


Understand health care issues

Retirement usually brings a change in health care insurance coverage. If you retire before age 65, you may need to secure health insurance on your own. After 65, Medicare is available, though you may wish to consider Medigap insurance to cover the cost between your doctors’ fees and what Medicare pays.


Invest your retirement assets

With goals identified and portfolio withdrawals requirements defined, develop a written investment policy that will govern your investment approach. The investment policy statement is your retirement investments road map.


Manage your retirement income

With the onset of retirement, the regular paycheck ceases. Properly adapting and managing retirement income sources requires planning and monitoring.


Monitor your retirement assets

It is important to conduct periodic reviews of your financial situation. Using the net worth statement and the retirement budget, a portfolio withdrawal rate may be calculated. By monitoring your portfolio withdrawal rate, you can assure yourself that you will have sufficient assets to fully fund your retirement.

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