Social Security Optimization

Tax Strategy to Maximize Your Wealth

As retirement planning specialists, we help you determine the best time to collect Social Security and optimize your clients’ Social Security claiming strategy.

Social Security: How to Maximize Your Benefits

Best time to file for Social Security Benefits

Deciding when to file for Social Security benefits can be challenging, involving trade-offs that hinge on your retirement goals, marital status, age, and expected lifespan.

A “break-even” analysis can identify when a stream of higher Social Security payments over a shorter period is likely to overtake lower payments that began earlier.

If you’re at or near retirement age, working with an expert can help you determine the best time for you to file for Social Security benefits.

You Ask, We Answer

When Should I Apply For My Benefits?
How will recent tax law changes impact us?
How do I know how much social security I will receive when I retire?
Sould my contributions increase my monthly benefit amount?
If I work, how much social security income will I receive? how is it taxed?
How can we structure our portfolio assuming $X of social security?
How much can you earn prior to your FRA before some or all of your benefit is temporarily withheld?

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Optimize your Social Security Benefits

Social Security Process

To do that, we take into consideration how your Social Security benefits will interact with other income sources such as: Rental income Pensions Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) Dividends and interest Capital gains We also factor in family health conditions, spousal benefits, personal preferences, and more. By analyzing your entire financial picture, we are able to choose a Social Security timing strategy that reduces your tax bill in retirement and optimizes your income stream.


Gather documents and learn about your situation

It includes the recent social security estimates; future income estimates; life expectancy; and plans for the future


Adjust Future Income Estimates

Having your Social Security estimates in hand is a great first step in deciding when to start collecting your benefits. But don’t count on those payments just yet, because you’ll probably have to adjust your estimates.


Integrate with Retirement Plan and Evaluate Options

Calculate the options that maximizes your household’s lifetime benefits. An integrated retirement plan should account for all of your sources of income (including Social Security) and all of your retirement expenses. We can help you make sure you don’t miss anything.


implementation and monitoring of social security strategy

Assist client in implementing strategy and staying aware of what might change along with changing personal circumstances

We can help in the following areas:

Social Security Break-Even Analysis

Claim Social Security

Claim Survivor Benefits

Tax Optimization of Benefits

Working During Retirement

Social Security Income Corrections

Divorce and Social Security

Social Security for Widows and Widowers

Social Security Child Benefits

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