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Tiller Money Instructions

Why do we use Tiller?

  1. With Tiller, we are able to have a firm grasp of your income, spending, and the resulting savings rate
  2. We need to figure out if that savings rate is sufficient to achieve your retirement goals
  3. It also serves as a tool to track spending and to optimize your budget
Companies have a function called Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and it is an important corporate function.
I believe every person should at least have a simplified version of a Budget/Cash Flow Report so you can effectively evaluate important spending decisions.

Instructions look pretty long but it shouldn’t take more than 15-20 min.
A. That is why I urge you to sign up for TillerHQ.com – it provides us with the data to get started.
  1. Sign up or log in at https://tillerhq.com
  2. Start your free trial by entering a payment method in the Subscription area.
  3. Open the Account Summary by clicking it (if it’s not automatically opened)
  4. Click Add Accounts
  5. Search for your bank or institution and enter your login details.
  6. At least add the banks and credit cards so we can get an accurate view of the income/spending
  7. Bonus: Add the investment accounts also.
B. Pro-tip – Rename those accounts to something that you can understand – https://help.tillerhq.com/en/articles/828331-how-to-rename-an-account-connected-to-tiller
  1. Scroll down to Account Summary.
  2. Click the edit (pencil) icon next to any account name.
  3. Edit the account name.
  4. Press enter or click the check mark to save your changes.
C. Start a foundations page (this is a google sheet) – See below instructions
  1. Click here to open the Tiller Foundation template
  2. Click “Use template” in the upper right. This will create a copy of the sheet in your Google Drive.
  3. Give this sheet a unique name (e.g. “[Your First and Last Name] Budget“). Edit the name in the upper left of the Google Sheet.
  4. Click “Add to Sheets” in the sidebar on the right hand side. If this doesn’t automatically appear for you, open the Add-ons menu at the top of the Google Sheet and choose Tiller Money Feeds > Install OR Start. You may have already installed the add-on, in which case the sidebar with “Add to sheets” will not appear.
  5. Authorize the add-on to run using the gmail you use for Tiller if you haven’t already.
  6. Click “Use” in the sidebar to launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.
  7. Sign in to the Tiller Feeds add-on using your Tiller subscribed gmail account.
  8. Click “Link sheet” to link the sheet to your Tiller Console.
  9. Choose which accounts should feed this sheet by placing a check mark next to them and then choose to Confirm the account links.
  10. The Feeds add-on should start updating your sheet with the latest transactions and current balances for any accounts you linked to this sheet.

D. Fix the data feed – make it daily (see instructions)
Super important – make sure you turn on the auto-update (on) – see below the upper-right portion of the image 

E. Finally, share this google sheet with [email protected] – same way you share any google sheet.

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