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Wealth Habits Alpha Plus

$0 - $100,0001.00%
$100,000 - $10,000,0000.75%
Above $10,000,0000.50%

How does the tiered pricing structure work?

Once all of the accounts under a unique social security or Tax ID number reach the breakpoints, you will be charged the lower fee across the accounts!

Are ETF and other potential third-party product fees included in the pricing listed above?

No. The pricing listed above includes all fees taken out of your account by Wealth Habits as your Investment Advisor. ETF fees (if you are invested in ETFs) are taken out at the fund level, not out of your account. This means that we buy the ETF on the exchange with the fee already factored into the price. If your account holds stocks exclusively, there are no additional expense ratios paid. Please see our Form ADV Part II if you have any additional questions about third-party product fees.

We charge an annual advisory fee of depending on the amount of your assets we manage.

What is included in Wealth Habits fee?

It is only Wealth Habits’ investment advisory fee. Any fees by the broker will be charged separately. Please see our Form ADV Part II for more information.

How am I billed?

A pro-rated amount of Wealth Habits’ yearly fee is taken directly out of your account by the custodian each billing period. You will have a choice in selecting the billing period but we prefer monthly. We do not allow clients to pre-pay fees.

Example Advisory Fee Calculation:

Assume an account with an average monthly balance of $125K and is invested with our alpha plus strategy. The monthly advisory fee will be $98.96. Assuming 21 trading days that particular month and 252 trading days in the year, the math is as follows: ($100,000) * 1% * (21/252) + ($125,000 – $100,000) * 0.75% * (21/252) = $98.96.



Average Financial Advisor


Average Hedge Fund

Fee Calculations Assumptions


Avg. Financial Advisor Fees: 0.99% + Avg. Hybrid Mutual Fund Fee: 0.74% = 1.63%
Avg. Hedge Fund AUM Fee: 1.57% + Avg. Hedge Fund Perf. Fee: 19.29% x Perf. 5.61% = 2.65%

Here is an interesting article about the high mutual fund fees.




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