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What We Do

At Wealth Habits our primary goal is to understand our client’s needs and goals AND deliver a highly customized and comprehensive planning and investment solution.

Integrated Financial Planning

We work with smart clients who understand that the process of financial planning, when done right, is just as important as the plan itself.

Investment Management

Our mission is to help you design, implement, manage, and monitor your portfolio based on your goals, timing, and risk tolerance.

Limited Scope Projects

We offer standalone, limited-scope projects such as investment review, and stock compensation optimization. They’re designed to help you address the most pressing issues in a concise, actionable manner. 

Blog & Insights

We publish articles with the intention to educate you on your path to financial freedom. We are here to share with you the proven strategies, tools, and tactics that you need to achieve your goals more quickly and more efficiently.


A deeply personal approach goes beyond wealth management and investment management.


You deserve an advisor who is transparent and minimizes conflicts in a relationship.


Our fee schedule is simple and transparent and at a fraction of the cost of large financial institutions.


We have a deep understanding of taxes and financial planning.


You deserve a higher level of service, someone who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

My Story

I have over 10 years of experience in the financial industry.  I bring to the table extensive knowledge in tax strategy, financial planning, and investment management.

This becomes necessary and valuable when dealing with complex financial planning questions that require a deep understanding of many variables, calculations, and tax laws.  This is not the typical expertise of a financial advisor.

Only someone who is a trained, experienced, and credentialed CPA and CFP® can help you effectively answer such questions in one, unified conversation

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