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Wealth Habits is an independent fee-only financial advisory firm in New York City. In a nutshell, we help our clients plan for the financial impact of major life events, so that they are prepared for life’s biggest moments. Such an approach has helped our clients live a more fulfilling life. Our financial services include investment management and integrated financial planning. While our specialty is all things for a starting physician — we help physician families get organized financially.

Our Mission

Our Origins

Wealth Habits is on a mission to transform the way financial advice is delivered to physicians, building a collaborative relationships and bridging the knowledge gap by leveling the playing field. Because everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed after several years of training.

We saw a need to democratize access to financial planning among physicians. Software has been able to make financial planning easier and better for more people but the financial industry hasn’t evolved to help those that need it the most. We’re here because physicians deserve to live secure and rewarding lives.

Wealth Habits was founded by Gabriel Kaplan, a fee-only advisor and solopreneur, where he provides physician-specific financial advice at a fair price.



We manage client investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. This means that we are actively engaged in the investment markets on behalf of our clients. We operate within the parameters of a client’s risk constraints, time horizons, cash flow needs, and long-term goals. Our daily involvement in the capital markets provides us with real-time information on changing trends and opportunities. We don’t simply delegate investment responsibilities or manage a relationship. We are integrally involved in clients’ investment outcomes, viewing ourselves as partners in their success.

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