Get Organized

I’m so happy you have chosen to work with Wealth Habits. I think you’ll love having a financial planner. To deliver the best service possible, you will need to follow the below steps and best practices.

Welcome to the Wealth Habits Family


Prerequisite: LastPass or 1Password

  • We require our clients to use a password manager as there are going to be a lot of logins throughout the financial planning process
  • We use Lastpass but you can also use 1Password, or another similar tool.
  • A Google Sheet or notebook won’t work!

STEP 1: Setting up Advice Pay (Billing)

  • Set up monthly billing via AdvicePay.
  • You should have an invitation in your inbox.
  • You’ll need to add a credit card or connect your bank account where you’ll authorize AdvicePay to charge our planning fee monthly.

STEP 2: Set up Right Capital

  • Account Setup. You’ll receive a link via email to create your RightCapital account and a secure password. From there, jump to creating your profile.
  • Fill out your family profile. Your profile gives your advisor the necessary information to generate retirement
    analyses, answer questions, and refine your plan. Be thorough—your advisor can only
    advise on what they know about.
  • Income. Click into the ‘Salary’ card and add your salary information—enter the gross amount as taxes will automatically be calculated within the software. If you have other streams of income, click the ‘add income’ button and select from the menu accordingly.
  • Savings. The goal here is to account for annual contributions we make toward our investments,
    NOT their total balances—those will be entered in the next step. Click into the 401(k) savings card and update with your contribution amount, duration, and employer match information. If you do not participate in a 401(k)
    plan, you can remove the card. If you are saving toward an investment, but unsure which category to pick, add a savings card as a placeholder to discuss with your advisor.
  • Net Worth. The Net Worth section is a crucial piece of the data entry process—this is where you will input all assets (bank accounts, investments, properties, insurance policies) and liabilities (credit cards, loans) as they stand today. Continue through STEP 3 below.

STEP 3: Linking Bank Accounts

Link your bank, investment, loan, and credit card accounts to Right Capital. This is the dynamic financial planning software we use to build your financial plan. A one-way data feed will populate the plan with fresh data every day once you enter your credentials. Please see this example in Right Capital.

STEP 4: Categorizing Expenses

Next, categorize your transactions for the past three months and “Unhide” your transactions by navigating to the gear icon in the top right > Security > Permissions and uncheck the “Hide my bank and credit card transactions from my advisor” button. This may feel tedious but it’s essential that we get an accurate picture of your spending to do our financial independence projections. If you prefer to share your own budgeting spreadsheet or prefer that Brooklyn FI does not view your transactions, that’s fine.

STEP 5: Filling Out Forms

Upload your important financial documents to the Get Organized form below. If there are two of you, have a quick chat about how you want to complete it. You can sit down and complete it together or you can each complete it on your own as an individual.