About Gabriel Kaplan


My Story

I am the founder of Wealth Habits

I’m passionate about helping people make good financial decisions so they can achieve the life of their dreams…

How it all started…

I graduated from college with an engineering degree and went to work for Merrill Lynch’s investment banking division.

I was really happy in my career and had no plans to leave it—but there are some parts of life we can’t control. The downturn in the economy hit my industry hard. In 2008, just a few months after starting my job, I was transferred to London.

I eventually returned to New York, and ended up working for a firm that helped high net worth clients allocate capital into alternative investments and then transitioned to KPMG (Taxes) and later on to Deloitte (Consulting).  

In 2010, I founded Derastone LLC (the parent of Wealth Habits), a financial planning and investment advisory firm that helps clients better handle their financial concerns.

Meeting financial goals not only means understanding what financial tools are available but also having the will and grit to make certain choices to position one for success.  I help my clients make those choices and stick to them by changing certain behavioral habits.

I live in New York City with my wife who happens to be a physician with a specialization in adult epilepsy. We have two happy little boys.

Before attending college and settling in New York, I grew up in Sweden & Uruguay and was raised by parents who instilled in me, among many other things, principles of hard work, frugality, and entrepreneurship.

Formal Background

  • An engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania
  • Masters in Business Taxation from USC
  • MBA from NYU Stern (Finance & Strategy)
  • CFP® & CPA
Finally a Good Family Picture

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